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40k Titan Maniple Legio Gryphonicus Warlord Adeptus Titanicus-2.jpg

This is what $20,000 Warhammer 40k army looks like.

Most of the Legio Gryphonicus Maniple will be on display at War Room Hobbies in Memphis and will on tour at Siegeworld in St. Louis on August 10th and 11th as part of the World Record for the largest Warhammer game ever. They are expecting to get over 1 million points of models on the tabletop (these guys represent 30,000 points).

Around 200 hours of painting when into this massive project. Luckily I did not have to do most of the assembly (shout out to Rio at Nightmare Faction Studio and Maxwell H. for helping with that) besides gluing together the sub-assemblies after painting. Over 1,000 parts were needed to put these guys together which came out to roughly 100 sub-assemblies for painting. Over $300 of specialist paint (50+ colors) was used to get the final effect.

Individual photos of these God-engines are coming soon and stay tuned for another Maniple this time in Legio Atarus colors.

Also shout out to my friend Michael S. for custom printing the banners. Shoot me a PM for his info if you want any custom flag work done. Also thanks to Ben G. for letting me borrow his mat for the photos ;)

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40k Sector Mechanicus Desert Game Board Table Terrain -2.jpg

House Malinax Prepares to defend a secret mechanicum facility from an Imperial task force.

This table was painted for Evolution Games in Fort Worth. The challenge was to do it in 24 hours. Everything was already assembled by them; I just did the painting. I went for a rusted and abandoned look without using pigments since they would come off during play. I tried to do a lot of muted colors that would detract from models put ontop without looking too boring. The pits of skulls are filled with blood that the Dark Mechanicum seems to be collecting for their nefarious purposes (a pit of skulls filled with blood just seemed like a very 40k thing).

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Adeptus Titanicus Civitas Imperialis Game Table Board

It's finally done... 100+ hours, 3 bottles of whiskey, and a lot of suffering in the last week to get this board done.

The board is themed around Legio Astorum defending an Orbital Defense Laser from the traitorous Legio Carnivora (the red and white Chaos titans). It took about a week to build and paint the board. It consists of 6 Forgeworld tiles and 5 of the big building boxes plus some.

The worst part was the 150 doors and 5,086 windows on the buildings that needed to be hand painted. The bulk of the work was done with rattle cans and an airbrush. The road markings were done in an enamel paint marker over masking fluid. I had to make a city board but the titans were already based so the colors had to work well with them (greys and browns). I didn't want just a desolate city so there are splashes of other colors and trees + foliage on the outskirts.

I really need to have a friend come over and film this board to show all the little details but that will have to wait. In the meantime I get to rest before someone has me to another one. I have another project with titans but at least they will be full scale ones :)

Some Work in Progress Photos

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Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion 40k Horus Heresy Warhammer-1.jpg
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