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First part of my Vostroyan army, the tanks. 80ish infantry to go :)

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Lizardmen Bastilidon
Lizardmen Basilidon-1.jpg

I don't paint a lot of Fantasy stuff so this was a welcome change from what I usually paint. This dinosaur thing was painted for Moises of Texas Toy Soldier. We went with a realistic sort of look and I used a lot of techniques I learned from watching the Hollywood SFX guys making dinosaur movie props. The fleshy bit loosely based off a crocodile or alligator (and that green took about 10 colors) and the armored carapace is black with some red pattering.

Lizardmen Basilidon-2.jpg
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Horus Heresy Mortarion
Mortarion 30k Death Guard Primach-1.jpg

OG Mortarion, just a quick paintjob I did during art class. Probably will put him up for sale.

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Genestealer Cult
Genestealer Cult Ghosts-3.jpg

Some spooky, spooky, Genestealer Cult painted for Clifton R. Just a quick paintjob to get these on the table for the Iron Halo GT.

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Fulminator Primaris Space Marines-1.jpg

GW's new Primaris poster boys - The not-Ultramarine Fulminators Chapter. I painted these for Chris T. to match the Mechanicum forces and Knight Porphyrion we did earlier. He just liked the metallic blue/red/cream scheme and wanted to keep going with it. Partway through painting them, I realized that the scheme matched the new Fulminators chapter.

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