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[SHOWCASE] Space Wolves Legion Flyers
Space Wolves Legion HOrus Heresy 30k Storm Eagle Fire Raptor Land Raider Phobos -4.jpg

Space Wolves' vehicles painted for Nate. I went for a gritty scheme on these - only a little bit of damage and a moderate amount of environmental effects to show that they are in the middle of fighting.They flyers are all named after Nordic gods.

Njord- God of Wind
Skadi - Goddess of Winter
Tyr - God of War
Vidar - God of Revenge

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[SHOWCASE] Blood Angels Death Company
Blood Angels Death Company Terminators-1.jpg

Some Blood angels Death Company Terminators plus a fancy ride (at least for some of them). I tried a new technique with the blood to make entrails on some of the lightning claw terminators. The blood is Tamiya Clear Red mixed with India Inks and gel.

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[SHOWCASE] Catachan Jungle Fighters
Catachan Jungle Fighters 40k Imperial Guard Astra Militarum Bases-2.jpg

Something different this time for my own army. I'm on a goal to get 1 of every Imperial Guard army. 100 infantry each plus lots of tanks. Unfortunately my Elysians were bought as part of the big plane commissions so I just have Steel Legion legion left but with not tanks yet. The Cadians have tanks but no infantry (I'm picking up 125ish guys tomorrow though).

For the Catachans I only have 25 infantry and I'm not sure if I am going to add more. This army was a little of a challenge for me since Catachans have been my most hated line in GW since I started the game. I think I did enough conversions and such that I am happy with the models. I mainly hated the stupid looking heads so all of my infantry have berets from the Scions kit. The autoguns were from McCafferty Miniatures on Shapeways.

I tried putting the Catachans on urban bases but they looked weird so I went all out making jungle bases for them. I used a ton of different materials. Too much to name here. It took longer than I though to make just the bases even though the base is resin from Back 2 Base-ix. The 2 Sentinels only took me an hour to paint (together!) but the bases were more work with the palm trees. 

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[SHOWCASE] More Blood Angels (Terminators + Storm Raven)
Blood Angels Terminators Blood Raven-1.jpg

Another Blood Angels force for Paul. This is just the start, more are coming :) There's another Blood Angels Army (all Death Company this time) that I'll start next.

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[SHOWCASE] Fulgrim ver. 2

Fulgrim #2 painted for Anton in Russia. I think this rendition is way better than my first one :)

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