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Imperial Army
Mastadon Horus Heresy 30k Shiny-1.jpg

This army is a mixture of models from all across the Imperium Range painted for Chris T. The paint scheme is metallic blue and cream with some metallic red accents. Infantry are coming soon for this army which will be all Space Marines and Primaris Marines

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House Makabius
House Makabius Cerastus Knight House Guard Vultarax Castigator Archeon Lancer-2.jpg

My personal House Makabius army painted for WargamesCon. I might add a little more if I get the time but the total time I spent on this army was only 4 days. I departed from my usual paint scheme and decided to make jungle bases. The palm trees really give the knights an impression of their sheer size. 

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Tempestus Scions
Imperial Guard Tempestus Scions Baneblade glowing lights 40k Tank-1.jpg

Tempestus Scions armored regiment painted for Chris T. He wanted the Tempestus Scion colors painted a la the Cadian camo scheme. I added some Red and White recognition markings to break up the scheme. The army insignia is from the Dust Tactics Blutzkreuz faction.

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Ibraeysil Eldar
Ibraeysi Eldar Snow Blue-1.jpg

Ibraeysil Eldar painted for Richard T. He wanted a darker, grittier version of the Ibraeysil paint scheme. The white hand banners are inspired by the Uruk-hai from the 2nd Lord of the Rings. 

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Chaos Thunderhawk
Chaos Space Marines Thunderhawk-1.jpg

Chaos Thunderhawk painted for Chris C. I wanted to do Iron Warriors but the customer just wanted a simple Silver and Gold and I complied :) All of the Imperial Aquillas are filed off with a dremel and painted as if they were burnt out. FW didn't sent the cockpit so I had to made it custom with blue tint. Assembly done by Phil C.

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