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House Vyridion Legio Adeptus Custodes Color Shift.jpg

I think this is the first cheesy 40k army that is very fluffy. :) The knights are from House Vyridion that fought alongside the Legio Custodes during the War in the Webway. House Vyridion received the Emperor's Pardon (noted on top of the pilot's hatch) after fighting alongside Fulgrim's traitorous Emperor's Children.

House Vyridion had to make use of scrap knights provided by the Mechanicum (hence no faceplate) and replaced their House Insignia with that of the Imperial Aquilla. As homage to their original green carapace, I did the gold in colorshift (the paint changes from gold to green if you rotate the model). In order for that to make sense, I gave them jungle bases so it looks like the jungle is reflecting off of their gold. All of the red was done in marble because I can.

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The Ancient and Resolute Order of the Knight House of Vyronii
House Vyronii Imperial Knights Crusader Candy Airbrush Watermark-2.jpg

3 armours of The Ancient and Resolute Order of the Knight House of Vyronii painted for Ryan P. House Vyronii uses Emerald Green armor to mimic the effect of the gas giant that glows on their home world.

These knights were painted with a lot of weathering to match the artwork in the books and were based to match Ryan's Blood Angels (which House Vyronii served with at the Siege of Sebundapor).

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Legio Gryphonicus Weathered
Watermark Legio Gryphonicus Titans Weathered Reaver Warhound-3.jpg
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