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[SHOWCASE] Blood Angels 3rd Company "Iron Helms"
Blood Angels 3rd Company Iron Helms 40k 30k Heresy-1.jpg

This army has been a long WiP for about a year now and is painted for David Abitbol. Actually it's more of a collaboration project since he's doing all of the assembly and conversions. There's a lot of cool models in this one like the Sanguinary Priest and Cassor the Damned.  So far we're 2 Devastator Squads short of a Company but there are 2 Death Company Squads and the Sanguinary Guard. Next, we will do the 1st company (or at least part of it...).

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Girls Und Panzer 40k edition :) This is the armor for my Catachan Jungle Fighters. Time to paint the infantry now. The tank girls are of course removable to make everything "GW compliant." I had fin coming up with clever names for all of the tanks.

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[SHOWCASE] Ultramarines Battle Company and Gulliman
Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company Guilliman Shiny Chome Gloss Blue-1.jpg

Here we have the man himself. The Commander of the Imperium, Primarch of the Ultramarines - Roboute Guilliman painted in metallic shiny blue. I actually finished his Battle Company awhile back but was waiting for the big boss before I took pictures.

Originally I was going to give Guillman his Horus Heresy head but I lost it and was forced to use the one in the kit which wasn't as bad as I though. I figured Guilliman had enough yellow with the gold and the fiery sword so I gave his him grey hair to since he's a pretty old dude right now. I know the Primarchs probably don't age but I wanted him to look wise. The base is painted in dark muted tones as a contrast to Guilliman's shiny armor - he's the Avenging Son and the savior to a bleak and desolate Imperium.

Ultramarines 2nd Battle Company Guilliman Shiny Chome Gloss Blue-2.jpg
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[SHOWCASE] Abaddon vs Loken Diorama
Abaddon vs Loken 30k Forgeworld Horus Heresy 40k Warhammer diorama Character Series (3 of 4).jpg

Painted this one for my friend Philip Lennon who owns Mount Up Tactical. Really proud of this one and it's one of my favorites even though I didn't notice that Abaddon's claw was broken when I painted it... 

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