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This is what a 40,000 point 40k army looks like (well, exactly is 38,563 paints but close enough). I've been working on this project for a year now. I did paint other stuff during that time including a few small Chaos forces but these are just the Imperials. I'm hoping double this for next year!

And no, I do not own all of these models! Many of them are commission projects including the Elysians, Blood Angels, and some of the titans. Total model count is 566 infantry and 100 tanks. And I know people will ask so I did the math on the retail - $15,300.46 currently. I didn't include OOP models or bundle deals. And I'm certain a lot of the FW was bought before BREXIT so I think it balances out. That doesn't include prices for painting but that's about $20/$25 for an infantry model of which there are 566 of...

Special thanks to the following people for making this possible:

Vinh Nguyen: my brother who shot these photos and edited them. Plus he put together 6 of the Legio Astorum Imperial Knights.

Chris Long: assembly. He does most of my resin models including the Blood Angel's Rhinos and 5 Warhound Titans (all this year!)

Maxwell Hill: He did most of the painting on the Warlord and I am painting the Elysians including the planes for him.

David Abitbol: commissioned the Blood Angels all of the assembly except the Rhinos.

Jaime Noakes: Did the bulk of the paintwork on the Cadian tanks before I bought the army from him.

Chase Sale: assembly on the Elysian infantry before I bought them.

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Legio Ignatum Warhound Titan 40k 30k Forgeworld-1.jpg

Just the interior to go :)

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[SHOWCASE] Cityfight Imperial Sector Game Table
Warhammer 40k Cityfight Apocalypse Industrial Imperial Sector Forgeworld Gametable-1.jpg

My game table is finally done (for now, there are a few details left) after about 5 months of working on it. Most of the work was done during the first 2-3 months but I didn't have time to go do all the details until recently. So far to date, I've only played on game on it...

And some WiP pictures...

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[SHOWCASE] Blood Angels 3rd Company "Iron Helms"
Blood Angels 3rd Company Iron Helms 40k 30k Heresy-1.jpg

This army has been a long WiP for about a year now and is painted for David Abitbol. Actually it's more of a collaboration project since he's doing all of the assembly and conversions. There's a lot of cool models in this one like the Sanguinary Priest and Cassor the Damned.  So far we're 2 Devastator Squads short of a Company but there are 2 Death Company Squads and the Sanguinary Guard. Next, we will do the 1st company (or at least part of it...).

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Girls Und Panzer 40k edition :) This is the armor for my Catachan Jungle Fighters. Time to paint the infantry now. The tank girls are of course removable to make everything "GW compliant." I had fin coming up with clever names for all of the tanks.

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