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IPMS Fort Worth SuperCon 2015 Event Recap

[Fourth time writing this blog post, internet keeps crashing!]

It's been several years since I've been to an IPMS (International Plastic Modeller's Society) show. IPMS shows are hosted by local regional chapters and each show boasts hundreds of models in different categories. While the majority of models are either armor or aircraft, there is always a decent showing for figures (my main interest), sci-fi, automotives, and others.

This was my personal favorite in the show by one of my favorite modellers Doug Cohen. A very beautiful piece that won Gold for figure Dioramas. Mr. Cohen's works I believe are done in oil paints and his figures look like they just stepped out of a musuem oil painting.

Picture of the showroom floor. That's nine tables and this picture was taken fairly early before all of the entries were brought in.

A table full of armored fighting vehicles.

The level of talent at these shows is amazing. This entry was done by a 15 year old (yes, fifteen! Or possibly younger...) modeller and won Gold in Juniors.

A Vietnam War diorama with superbly painted figures.

Another view of the same diorama that has some soldiers prodding a huge snake.

My favorite in the Collections category. The Other Iron Curtain: The Tanks of NATO.

My Super Dungeon Explore Heroes that took Gold in the Collections category. I do think the tank collection above should have won just because of the name though.

Based off of technicality of painting, this skull pilot guy was my favorite. I'm also 99.99% sure it was done in Reaper Master Series Acrylic paints because the pros that use this paint range have a certain style...

Obligatory picture with the Zaku II.

I'm not really into aircraft, but the digital camouflage on this Israeli Fighter Jet caught my eye.

My Chaos Lord and Khorgorath which won Silver and Gold Respectively in the 402 Fantasy and Sci Fi 54mm and Smaller Figures.

And my Bloodthrister which took Gold in Miscellaneous. 

A huge aircraft carrier....

With tiny people!

This airplane was done by Brad who does very great work on his kits. I could take a picture with his planes outsides and no one would believe they were models.

Detailing on a flap at the back of the plane.

Another US Navy Plane for Gundam decak inspiration in the future.

My diorama which was the only entry I brought that didn't place. The diorama category was much more competitive this year. The winners had very detailed pieces.

Speaking of detail, check out that Playboy magazine!

A beautiful helicopter complete with pilots.

This modeller (sorry I am not good with names!) did a diorama with 1:#5 scale Japanese figures, I really liked his ground work and he said that he onl uses natural materials preferring to get his dirt and rocks from outside rather than at a hobby store.

This German Stug had 1,600 hours of work put into it. If you look into the hatch you can see the LED. The entire interior of the model is fully detailed complete with telecommunication arrays and other various internal workings.

Another beautiful figure which I believe was done by Doug Cohen.

And finally the awards ceremony!

There were also a ton of vendors at the show with great prices on kits. I picked up this Tiger I for a project with my brother. He will be putting it together and I will paint it for him.

That's all for this show, I look forward to the next one. I think I will be in DFW again in October for ReaperCon and the Lone Star Figure show.

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