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WIP: Mancave Part 2 - Game Table and Painting Studio Cleanup

This weekend I finally got the chance to finish the game table, something I've been meaning to do since I first got it about a month and ago.  

Board Game Room Table Warhammer Rivet Wars Mancave

Before the game table housed the Realm of Battle gameboard perfectly well, but I wanted to have inserts so I could swap out the tiles and use it as a regular table (for guests since I am in a one-bedroom apartment) or a game table for games that aren't Warhammer/related.

Board Game Room Table Warhammer Dust Tactics Mancave

GBS Woodworking (Austin, TX) built this table for me based on the instructions I found here. The total price was $400 ($300 for the table and $100 for the additional inserts), but you can find all the raw materials at Lowes/Home Deport for maybe $100-$150. Being a college student and living away from home, I didn't have any power tools to work with so I had to have someone else do it for me.

Board Game Room Table Warhammer Rivet Wars Mancave

I don't think this part was in the instructions, but Chris from GBS added sections of wood to hold up the individual tiles from the Realm of Battle Board.


Wing nuts hold the front side of the table on and can be removed for easier swapping of the tiles/inserts. You can always just go underneath and push them up too.


I got the inserts  unpainted so I went about painting them myself.


For a project like this, I would recommend using a spay paint nozzle with a trigger so you don't tire out your fingers. I found that using one can in each hand did help speed up the process though.


As you can see, the inserts fit snuggly in the table.


And the transformation is complete!


Here is what it looks like with a Game of Dreadfleet.


... And Rivet Wars.


Finally, all of the tiles on my board game have had the exposed cardboard edges of their tiles painted black so it looks like one with the table.


While waiting for the paint to dry, I figured I might as well clean up this mess too! I usually reorganize my paints in between projects, but I've gone about two months without cleaning my mess.


So much nicer looking now and I know which paints are empty and need to be reordered. The problem right now is that I have too many paints and no room left on the stands so those will be replaced with acrylic nail polish display cases in the future.

I also finally got stand that stores my airbrushes. I use cheap off-brand brushes that go for under $15 each. I have a .2mm nozzle and a .5mm nozzle and a backup of each in case I break one.


All of my paints that aren't Vallejo Game Air or Miniature go in these black bins. There are a mix of  Vallejo Model Air, Citadel, Tamiya, Woodland Scenics, Aclad, AK Interative, Windsor and Newton, Reaper, and P3 Paints ( and probably a few more).


I also found these bins at a Japanese dollar store in Dallas. They were sold in packs of 3 for $1.50. I reorganized all of my flocks and dirts. There is another cardboard box in the closet with the bigger boxes. The spray paints are underneath.


The middle compartment is where I do the airbrush's dirty work (priming/cleaning/etc). The brushes that I use to clean and mix paint are from Walmart and come in packs of I think 50 for a dollar.


Here is the painting studio and my work desk now. Next step is to find something to fill the wall about the game table. I'm deciding between a flatscreen and some more Asian-pop posters. The posters are friendlier to my wallet and I wouldn't use the TV that much...

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