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2015 Year in Review: 615 Painted Models!

Oh my Buddha, it has been a year since I (re)started my painting journey. After high school I took 2 years off of painting since I was working almost full time doing commission work. Last Christmas I asked for an airbrush and these are the models I painted this year. Not pictured at 2 more of the giant Gundams, my commission work, and a Star Wars: Imperial Assault box. In total: 615 models. That doesn't count my gameboard and all the terrain either... 


When Age of Sigmar came out, I started collecting Warhammer again. These are the models I got me into the hobby when I was 12 (?).I tried to play AoS twice, didn't like it and added my Khorne guys to a 40k force. My Chaos army is about 2,000 points. The goal for 2016 is to add a Nurgle, Slaneesh, and Tzeentch faction of roughly the same amount of points each. They will be mostly Horus Heresy marines and some daemons. Then I will paint the same points in Imperial force (I already bought 2k worth of Ad Mech that are waiting assembly). 


One of my favorite models this year, a Chaos Lord for Age of Sigmar.


So many figures, it took almost 2 hours to set these all up. Not looking forward to returning them to the display case.


Stormcast Eternals and Dreadfleet ships.


Sedition Wars, my first venture outside of Warhammer. I remember being very disappointed with the Kickstarter models (and I painted about 6 boxes when it came out for commissions). I didn't paint my own copy back when it came out and did so this year.


Some Bolt Action models, both of the starter sets. Didn't really like these models either, but I bought them so they had to be painted. If you are interested in buying them, send me an email :)


Zombicide, another game I painted half a dozen copies of back in the day. I painted all of the Zombies in one night and painted a hero and evening during the week.


Another great GW model.


Side view of everything.


Kingdom Death Satan and Rivet Wars.


And my favorite board game this year, Super Dungeon Explore. About 150 models. I still have a bunch but with Arcadia Quest I'm burnt out on chibis (and Ninja All Stars is on it's way!).


Up next: Zombicide Black Plague. Trying to do all of it in one day (tomorrow).


And as if if half of my house wasn't enough to be dedicated to my painting, I also added a mini work station to my office that I set up since 90% of my dayjob is work at home.


Other achievements this year include setting up the "Swag Shop..."


And this game table!


Goals for 2016:

Adeptus Mechanicus Army and 30k Mechanicum 2000 points

Imperial Guard and Solar Axulia 2000 points each

Ultramarines 2000 points

Blood Angels 500-1000 points

Pre-Heresy World Eaters, Death Guard, Emperor'd Children, and Thousand Sons Armies 2000 points each.

Another 1000 points of my current Chaos Army

3000 points in various other Daemons

Ninja All Stars, Blood Rage, Zombicide Black Plague, Alien vs Predator.

Let's see how much of that I can finish this year...


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