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Studio Update: October [Armies on Parade and Forgeworld Cityscape Table]

I've been really busy and haven't really gotten a chance to update this blog. This blog is getting several hundreds hits a day (sometimes several thousand when I actually post!) so I'm going to put more effort in it. 

First is my personal collection plus David's Blood Angels. Everything here (including the board) was painting after March of this year). So far there are about 300 infantry and 30 vehicles. I hope to double that by the end of the year.

Even though I've painted over 300 Warhammer 40k minis this year (note that this doesn't include non 40k!), I went on a hiatus over summer for about 2 months. I was accepted to Peking (Beijing) University, the number 1 school in China for a summer program and visited Spain, France, and Belgium after. I've included a few pictures of my trip including me eating a scorpion. We tried a variety of critters including centipedes, tarantulas, 2 types of scorpions, sea cucumber, sea urchins, and snakes. I have to admit the tarantula was pretty tasty but everything else had a hard shell or wasn't meaty so they just tasted like fried chips. The last picture is a hiking picture from the Argentier Glacier in the French Alps. You might notice that I am not wearing shoes... My hiking shoes were way to tight so I finished the hike without them. I was only walking on the ice part for about 20 minutes though.

This Saturday will be Armies on Parade (that marks 1 year since this blog since my first post on the new website was from 2015's Armies on Parade!). To be completely honest I hate this event. I love the concept and I love seeing other people's armies BUT the judging system is completely stupid. Everyone agrees that the best looking armies can win but from my previous experience and from what I've seen online, sometimes, it doesn't matter what army you bring as long as you bring enough friends to vote for you. To make it even worse, this year, you can enter another vote if you buy an item in store...


In my opinion, Armies on Parade could be fixed by allowing someone to vote for their 3 favorites, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd. That way people can give a vote to their friends but the final vote could still balance... 

The medals really do look nice and I hope I get one this year. Despite my complaints, I really look forward to coming out and taking pictures of everyone's armies. I will be at Gamesworkshop Royal Oaks in Houston this year.

The Sisters of Battle all finally got updated to Urban Bases also (along with my Genestealer Cult, Deathwatch, and Inqusition which I'll post later).


Look great for Armies on Parade! I'll probably just put this on display if there's space and not have it in the actual competition.


After wanting this for Buddha knows how long, I finally decided to get Forgeworld's Realm of Battle Cityscape. I was debating between this one and the Sector Imperialis but I like Forgeworld's more because it has different height variations and isn't perfectly symmetrical like the Sector Imperialis making for a more interesting finish. My wallet didn't like it as much however...

In this image I have Dust Tactic's tenements but I think I'll just go with GW's gothic buildings since they fit better (more about that later). I have what amounts to over 20 kits of the Dust buildings I picked up a long time ago. Not sure what I'm going to do with these since I don't like them on this board. Email me if you might want them... I can work out a good price... There's enough leftover pieces to probably fill another board. Nothing is glued together either, you can disassemble these.


A weekend later, all the tiles are painted minus the details like the wrecks. I'll get to those later.


I also had to paint another 200ish bases to switch over the Sisters of Battle and have some leftover for future projects...


I really wanted to make the dusty effect that Forgeworld has on their display board. However pigments were out of the question because of the cost and because I didn't want powder all over my studio. In the end I read somewhere online that this effect could be achieved by mixing acrylic paint with windshield washing fluid (wtf right?). My final formula was 1 pot of Zandri Dust to 10x water and 10x washing fluid. I guess the washing fluid evaporates quickly and leaves the paint with a very dry finish. The effect looks great though.


Rip foam brushes. The texture of these boards really tear these up. Luckily they come in a pack for a dollar. I used these brushes to spread the "dust" and toilet paper to quickly soak up the excess. 20 minutes later I was left with this.


Here's a better picture of the dust effect.


Time for the buildings... I'm just now realizing the full monetary scope of this project. This small building took 3 $33 kits to build. Hopefully I can grab one of the $250 combo kits and a Sector Imperialis ($120) or 2 to finish off the board.


When everything is done, I will be able to get really cool photos. 


Thanks for reading and I promise to update more often.

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