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SHOWCASE: Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch: Overkill

The Genestealer Cult are back from the 1990s (or 80s? idk either way I wasn't alive yet). The 2nd edition Genestealer Cult were some of the first models I ever saw for Warhammer 40,00 I remember how much I hated them. Now the new  ones are some of my favorite models I own.


Photographs by Chunsoo Ha modelled by ookassio and meganwj (you can find them on instagram!). Individual unit photos at the end but they aren't as nice.


The Space Marines I covered a few posts back but here are the Genestealer Cult (my pictures are so bad compared to Chunsoo's :( :(  ) Next time I'll make him shoot the squad pictures...

EDIT: Trying out this older Nikon model DSLR, it takes great pics!

Some individual shots with my new Canon T6i Rebel. Still working on using it, but these pictures are a big improvement from others on this blog.

And of course the Deathwatch Space Marines:

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