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WIP: Swag Shop Part 5

The Swag Shop has been one of the most popular posts on this blog and I've been meaning to do another one but I keep wanting to wait until I have more things to show. I'm thinking about moving to a cheaper and larger space so this might be the last post like this (at least until I get settled into a new place).

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Here is the view from the kitchen into the studio (or the living room). Now some people have been asking how I can afford a hobby room or how rich I am (unfortunately not at all), but I live in a single bedroom apartment that I'll gladly trade for your house :P


In the foreground is my Ninja All Stars board diorama. I've used some old pictures because the light in the kitchen is out right now. You can look at some older posts in this blog to see how it was made.


Onto the left side of the room are the first set of display cases and my game table (which despite being here for about a year now has yet to have had a game played on it). Most of the boxes on top are empty by the way except the board and card games.


The display cases are the Ikea Detolfs. They run for $75 each and the LEDs are $20. Very affordable especially if you pick them up on Craigslist like I did.


Another picture. I have single figures on the top shelves and board games below (with the boxes in the back to take up the negative space.


The 1:48 Mega Scale Gundams take the bottom shelves. I have four of them now.

Here is the new and improved paint studio.  I added a monitor so I can watch music videos, movies, or whatever while I paint.

Btw: Minitaire paints are crap. I fell into the hype because a lot of pro painters are sponsored by them. I mean they aren't terrible but you'll find Vallejo is much easier to work with are better quality overall.


I didn't know what to do with the other side but I didn't like the blank white wall of the display cases so I added some Hatsune Miku posters.


Above the paint desk is my Khorne army. It contains a mixture of 40k, Horus Heresy, and Age of Sigmar figures.


On the right of the painting desk is another display case (unfortunately neither glass nor lighted). On top is an Eldar army I haven't started yet. I got these brand new for about 75% off from a store that was closing down. On the right of the the cubicle display case is the light box for photography and below that is WIP 40k armies. I have another box of unpainted Kickstarter models on the closet which numbers at several hundred figures which I doubt I'll ever get to :(

In hindsight, I really should have moved the poster on the right. It's my favorite one and now it's half covered. QQ For those of you wondering what the posters are, they are Korean (Kpop) girl bands. My weekend job is doing Kpop shows and DJing Kpop at nightclubs. I've played in cities all over the US so it beats my day job which is at an office (but the pay doesn't).


And my custom game table. The actual furniture piece was made by GBS Woodworking in Austin. Very affordable. And it custom fits the Realm of Battle boards but those can be exchanged to make a regular table.


The front piece can be removed and the inserts added. I didn't want to spend an hour taking apart my display and another hour putting it back so here are some old pictures.


Now it's perfect for boardgames! (I'll play a game on this table one day when I decide to actually play one of my games).


Currently I have a Dust Tactics display on the table. Please forgive the Temple of Skulls in the ruined church but I didn't have anywhere else to put it.

Allied jump infantry.


Here's a view from the other side (please ignore the trash in the hallway xD) I added two more Detolf cases but I haven't had a chance to add LEDs to these yet. In a few months these will hold my Warhammer 40k armies. I'm currently have about 2k each of Sisters of Battle, Tau, Adeptus Mechanicus and Eldar in various stages ranging from NiB to almost done.


Not technically part of my studio but a few minutes drive away, my office re-innovated their conference room and added a very nice wooden table that I've been using for photography.


Here's a better picture of the room from when I did my Kingdom Death photoshoot (I'm not in the picture so don't try to guess what I look like :3 )


My figure painting has also split into the bedroom... I work mainly from home despite my office being a 5-10 minute drive away probably because I don't like interacting with humans so I set up a home office of sorts. Here is what it looked like a few months ago.


I've since made it neater and the left side is a permanent assembly station.


A closer look including a sneak peek at a super secret project for a game that's coming soon :)


If anyone is curious, here is what the first iteration of the Swag Shop looked like.


Thanks for looking, I hope this inspires you to make your own set up!

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