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Agents of the Inquisition

Agents of the Inquisition Inquisitor Retinue 40k (3 of 6).jpg

This Army, if it can be called that, is a mismatch of various Inquisitorial types plus some random models that don't fit in anywhere else. The figures in the first picture are kind of special because they are the only minis I have from before 2016 with the exception of my Imperial Fists. Most of these were painted in Middle School/Highschool and rebased in the Sector Imperialis to match  the rest of my Imperials. The Blood Ravens Terminator was built by AJ Thorton who is the current manager of Warhammer Fort Worth way back in 2008ish and painted by me. He also painted the Black Templar Terminator as a gift for me when Space Hulk first came out. The weird looking Space Marine with RTB01 legs and a modern torso and Plasma Gun was the first 40k mini I've ever paint. The Inquisitor is the first and only time I (tried to) paint NNM.

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