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Adeptus Titanicus Civitas Imperialis Game Table Board

It's finally done... 100+ hours, 3 bottles of whiskey, and a lot of suffering in the last week to get this board done.

The board is themed around Legio Astorum defending an Orbital Defense Laser from the traitorous Legio Carnivora (the red and white Chaos titans). It took about a week to build and paint the board. It consists of 6 Forgeworld tiles and 5 of the big building boxes plus some.

The worst part was the 150 doors and 5,086 windows on the buildings that needed to be hand painted. The bulk of the work was done with rattle cans and an airbrush. The road markings were done in an enamel paint marker over masking fluid. I had to make a city board but the titans were already based so the colors had to work well with them (greys and browns). I didn't want just a desolate city so there are splashes of other colors and trees + foliage on the outskirts.

I really need to have a friend come over and film this board to show all the little details but that will have to wait. In the meantime I get to rest before someone has me to another one. I have another project with titans but at least they will be full scale ones :)

Some Work in Progress Photos

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