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Texas Gundam Club GRAND PRIX 2015 Show Recap

I went to my first Gunpla competition last Sunday (September 6th). I had plans to visit my family for Labor Day weekend and saw this contest on Texas Gundam Club's Facebook page.  Previously I had only painted a few Gundam before (an Age 2 Normal, another one that was also, red, white, blue, and yellow but without wings, and a few Beargguys) but those had only been evening projects. For this one I had one free weekend two weeks out. I knew I wanted to incorporate the Contractor figures from Dust as pilots so I went with 1:48 Scale. There weren't too many models available in Mega Scale, but in the end I went to a Zaku II because of the shoulder plate that would allow the figures to sit. Here are just some of the awesome entries that were at the show.

Photo Credit: Cody Spicer and Jittra Tungcmittrong

First up is the hands down, Best of Show (I won Best Large Scale) a Sazabi by Matt Mrozek. Apparently this is a third-part kit, not an official by Bandai. It's an all resin model that stands even taller than my Mega Scale Zaku even though it's only 1:60 scale. Matt put in over 400 hours of work in this masterpiece.

Bill Kohr won Best Small Scale with this Gundam. I'm not sure what it's called, but I'll learn all the names eventually! Very clean paintjob and decal work and the gem in the chest-piece looks really cool.

Tolan Nguyen did this winged mecha with really cool LEDS on the wings.

I don't know who painted this one, but I really like the Navy and Gold color scheme.

This was painted by my friend Steven Duong and won a Judges Prize. 

And finally a pink Gundam (something I will have to try in the future).

Being in the back of a store, the display area was small, but there is another table that was added after this picture was taken. In the end, I think there were over 20 entries for the contest. I haven't competed in a show since 2013 so it was nice to come out again. Next week will be IPMS Fort Worth's SuperCon which when the last time I went had over 300 entries.

Congratulations to everyone that won, hopefully I will get the chance to compete with everyone in the future.