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WiP: 1:48 RX-78-2 Gunpla Model

Another day, another Gundam. This time the iconic Red-White-Blue-Yellow RX-78-2 (why doesn't it have a name that's easy to remember like the Zaku?) also in 1:48 Mega Scale. I get asked a lot why 1:48 scale and it's because it's closer to scale with my other figures (I mostly have Warhammer sized figures which are 28mm and close o 1:48 scale). At this point, my RX is about 1/2 way done. I'm waiting on decals to arrive from China and then I have to hand paint the rest of the details and panel line the white before I even get to weather.

I wanted to all out and weather this RX and make it look like a veteran unit rather than factory new. I picked up Ammo of MiG's Mechas painting sets along with their Painting Mechas book. If you've ever wondered how to weather your Gundam, these kits and books are the way to go. The techniques in this book are way more realistic looking than just rubbing Tamiya powders on your kit (no hate for Tamiya, I own a lot of their products, but A.MIG is the way to go with battle damage and weathering!). Here are the products I have and a link to them: Mechas and Robot Colors, Chipping Set for Mechas, Weathering Set for Mechas, and the In Combat, Painting Mechas book. I ordered these all from Last Calvary Hobbies. I made a mistake with my order and got the wrong color of primer, but their customer service sorted it 10 minutes after I emailed them and they shipped out my order the same day. I got everything two days later.

I already have the entire Minitaire and Vallejo Game Air range of paints along with about 100 other colors from various brands, but I picked up the Mechas and Robot Colors from Ammo of MIG anyways. I always find I have to thin my Vallejo Game Air paints (which are designed for airbrush also), but the A.MiG paints are a perfect consistency and flow very smoothly through the airbrush. The Greys and White are thinner than most other brands paints, but I prefer this because I can apply very thin layers so slowly build up the color I want.

I did color modulation on all of the parts. Shame that most of this will not even be visible when the model is weathered and damaged - the effect will be even more subtle in the finished mech. I used the A.MiG colors and the base colors and highlighted and shaded with colors from other brands. The Yellow was the color I was the most worried about and it was shaded with an Orange-Brown mix and highlighted with an Ivory-White color.

I'm always impressed with the engineering that goes into the Gundam figures and their final cost. The Mega Size models sell at my local store (Fit Japanese Store in Austin, Tx - there is a Houston location too) for $88 plus tax. With over a hundred parts and standing over 15 inches tall, it's a much better deal than the $115 plus tax I spent on a Warhammer 40,000 Khorne Bloodthirster who only comes up to the RX's knees and is about as big as the RX's thighs.

Scale image of where the Gundam is now. As soon as the decals arrive I can get everything finished up. I've already done some weathering on the feet and I'm happy with how it turned out so far. I will be making some touch ups, but the A.MiG products are a dream to work with.

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