Sensei Swag
Miniature Art



I am available for commission work! I paint anything related to miniature figurines from Warhammer 40k to board games and garage kits.

Why have your figures painted by me? I am an award winning painter (50+ awards from local to international shows) who has sent work all over the world. Although the majority of my clients are in North America, I have also shipped pieces to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Most importantly, the project is about you! I can customize almost every aspect to match your specifications from the posing of a figure to the color scheme. I accept both short term and long term projects. In certain circumstances, I can take Express projects at an additional cost.

Betrayal at Calth MkIV Blood Angels Word Bearers_02.jpg


The lowest standard that I offer. This is the equivalent of Tabletop ++. Although this is the lowest standard, this can still get you Best Painted at local events and is higher standard than collectible pre-painted figurines and statues. This Label is great for horde armies or large collections. Starts at $20/28mm mini.


The basic go-to; the majority of my work in the Gallery is to this standard. Compared to Red Label, this standard gives you greater contrast, fades, and highlights on your model. I recommend this for small to medium sized collections and armies. Starts at $25/28mm mini & $150 for tanks.



This standard is for the characters that lead your army and other single figures. This is the best of the best. Note: I won't paint armies to the Gold Label (it would take too long!) and won't usually paint characters to a lower standard since they have to be worked on individually and have a lot more detail. Starts at $150-$300/28mm.