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Biggest 40k Apocalypse Army Warlord Titan Maniple-13.jpg

World's Largest 40k Army?

Biggest 40k Apocalypse Army Warlord Titan Maniple-1.jpg

Here's what a 100,000 point 40k army looks like

Here's what a 100,000 point 40k army looks like (121, 279 points to be exact). All painted by me.

The army consists of 627 infantry, 102 Vehicles, and 70 Lord of Wars (17 of which are Titan-class). It took over 8 hours to set up the entire army but then I realized that plastic tables aren't even or stable and that I needed more room so I spent another 8 hours to reset everything on the floor.

I will be filming an in-depth video on Monday. It will be posted on my Facebook page at

Forces represented in this army include: Legios Gryphonicus, Atarus, Astorum, and Fuminator (custom Legio), Houses Malinax, Makabius, Atarus, Astorum, Fulminator, 1 custom house, the Sisters of Battle, Cadian Shock Troopers, Vostroyan Firstborn, Valhallan Ice Warriors, 1522nd Solar Auxilia Cohort, Armageddon Steel Legion, Deltic Eagles, Mars and Xana Mechanicum, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, and various Inquisition and Ecclesiarchy elements. The Crusade is lead by blessed Sanguinius himself.

Is this the world’s biggest 40k army? Maybe the biggest all painted by one person?

Ironically, the MSRP on this is just a little over $40,000...

(Most of it isn't mine, but I did paint everything. I borrowed back a lot of armies from people I painted them for)